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4.18 ICF – Community Integration


Community integration is defined as encompassing the full participation of all people in community life.  Community integration is supportive of the basic civil rights of personal freedom, choice, and self-determination.


Our agency mission is inspiring life journeys and vision is cultivating valued roles for all people. These were developed with focus on principles of community integration which provides meaning and purpose. Community integration is designed to help persons to optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency and live successfully in the community.  We believe that all persons served are active participants in every aspect of their plan.  We strive to reflect individual choices, desires, needs, and preferences in all areas of services.

Community Integration Best Practices

Open Door has embraced the following principles for community integration:

  • ALL individuals should be able to make their own decisions about their lives with support of those that they choose
  • ALL service plans must reflect person-centered, individualized approach
  • ALL individuals should be afforded the opportunity to live, work, and fully participate in their community if they choose
  • Empowering and supporting each individual as they try to reach their chosen goals in life and their community
  • Building alliances and opportunities for partnerships in the community
  • Nurturing relationships and cultivating valued community roles for all people

Open Door will assist with identifying and removing barriers that delay or prohibit the individuals’ ability to have full participation in society.  These barriers often include transportation, mobility, societal, attitudinal, resource, and physical factors which require support.

Personal Interest Assessment

Open Door completes a personal interest assessment with each individual (and those that they choose to have participate) at least once per year.  The purpose of the interest assessment is to identify their choices and desires regarding participation in the community.  This assessment is utilized during Person-centered planning to ensure that the individual’s desires and choices are clearly identified and included in the plan.

Community Experiences

The QIDP and all staff work with each individual to offer a variety of community experiences each month based on their unique interests and desires.  In order to ensure that staffing, transportation, and money/resources are available for community experiences, a Community Experience Planning forms will be completed in advance for each community experience to assist with coordination of all needs.

Community Experience forms are readily available through Open Door website employee hub so that they can be used at any time and any place.  When submitted, the form automatically is routed to team and payee for coordination.

Staff will document the ICF Recreation, Wellness, and Community Experiences Form when they assist individual with community goal.  The staff will indicate whether the experience was offered, participated or refused; date of activity; individual’s response to the activity; description of activity and a picture, if consent is on file.

Travel with Family, Friends, and Volunteers

Open Door encourages individual’s (unless prohibited by plan) to travel with and visit family, friends, and approved volunteers. These visits should be planned through the team based on individual’s desires and should be documented on the Out of Facility Form, which is then routed to the Nursing Department, designated QIDP, apartment staff and accounting.

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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