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4.11 ICF – Assessments

Open Door Residential Services team completes an annual Person-Centered Plan (PCP) including Comprehensive Functional Assessments (CFA) for each individual receiving residential services within 30 days of their admission or services start date and at least annually thereafter.

The assessment packet for ICF settings include the following:

  • OISP Assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Self-medication assessment/CFA
  • Dementia questionnaire – if over 70 years of age, at admission, showing signs of dementia and every 3 years.
  • Physical Therapy assessment/CFA
  • Speech Therapy assessment/CFA
  • Occupational Therapy assessment/CFA
  • Psychological assessment/CFA – Only if psych medications are prescribed, or the individual has behavioral guidelines or a behavior support plan in place
  • Nutritional assessment/CFA
  • Nursing assessment/CFA

For ICF settings, each assessment identifies areas for growth, ADLs, programming, goals or informal supports which are indicated and prioritized during the PCP process by the interdisciplinary team. Formal programming, goals and supports are then created to assist individuals in achieving desired outcomes to work towards increased independence and choice.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 11/3/23

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