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4.07 ICF – Location Coverage Procedures

Supervision of individuals

There must be at least one Direct Support Professional (DSP) in the apartment at all times when the individuals are home. In order to guarantee the safety of each individual, the DSPs must make periodic checks on all individuals throughout their shifts. It is the responsibility of each DSP to account for those individuals in their apartment.

Locking the apartment

When DSPs and individuals leave the apartment empty, all doors and windows are to be locked, drapes drawn, and all lights and appliances turned off. A DSP should notify nurse on duty, coverage, and/or on-site supervisor. The keys could be turned into the nurse, on-site supervisor, and/or coverage.

Requesting additional assistance

When the condition of a specific individual changes, such as:

  • Illness
  • Aggressive/threatening behavior, or unsafe/unhealthy situation
  • Inability to transfer with single DSP assistance

Examples of these conditions include illness, aggressive/threatening behavior, an unsafe/unhealthy situation, and the inability to transfer an individual with a single DSP’s assistance. To obtain additional assistance, contact coverage, nursing, or the on-site supervisor.

When a call-off results in hours being left uncovered, the Scheduling Assistant/Lead DSP is responsible to cover the open hours. The Scheduling Assistant/Lead DSP will assign DSPs as follows:

  1. DSPs from an apartment which does not require double coverage will be pulled as needed
  2. Scheduling Assistant/Lead DSP will assist
  3. Recreation Assistants will be called to assist
  4. Administrative staff will be contacted to assist
  5. Nursing staff swill be contacted if assistance is still required

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 6/21/24

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