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4.04 SCL – Location Maintenance Activities

Open Door is responsible to assist individuals to monitor the safety of the home environment. The owner of property is responsible for overall preventative maintenance and follow-up on concerns.

All Open Door staff must ensure that maintenance issues are reported immediately as per the following protocol:

  • If maintenance/safety concern occurs at the corporate office or a Open Door owned property, staff must call Maintenance for emergencies. For non-emergencies, complete the proper work order form through online format on our website under the employee hub. If there is a safety issue, staff should also call the Incident Hotline and write an incident report.
  • If maintenance/safety concern occurs at Creative Housing or a private landlord-owned property, contact the landlord’s maintenance department and report the concern. For Creative Housing, work orders should be emailed to maintenance@creativehousing.org and call 614-418-7725 ext. 16. Write an incident report and contact the incident report line.

Open Door will reimburse for any incidents resulting from staff negligence if proper incident reporting procedures are followed. Maintenance of locations will be evaluated during random program department audits. Any deficiencies must be addressed within 14 days of audit finding.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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