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4.04 ICF – Location Maintenance Activities

Reference: Medicaid tags W132, W185, and W196. Licensure Standard 6-5123: 2-17-10E 1 & 2, F 1, Standard 11-E 2h, 7c4

  • Home maintenance activities will be shared by all who live in the home. The goal is to provide a “Shared Living” environment in which all individuals will participate.
  • Individuals will not be used to perform work which is normally the responsibility of a Direct Support Professional (DSP) (except for use as a learning tool) or for the purpose of relieving a DSP of said responsibility.
  • Individuals, at no time, will be responsible for the supervision or direct care of other individuals.
  • Individuals will not be involved in activities which are detrimental to their health and welfare. Physician’s recommendations take priority over administration of program considerations.
  • The facility shall provide for all expenses incurred in on-going home maintenance activities.
  • The primary responsibility of DSPs will be the care and development of the individuals. In order to ensure that DSPs are not diverted from this responsibility, periodic reviews will be done by the program team to ensure that DSPs will not be overburdened by housekeeping, clerical, or other non-individual care activities.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 4/29/22

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