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4.03 SCL – Housekeeping Procedures

Each location will complete housekeeping duties as assigned at that home as designated by the Lead DSP/Program Coordinator and/or Cleaning Checklist to maintain health and safety living standards. Cleaning duties will be documented using electronic documentation system. 

Open Door staff will assist individuals with housekeeping tasks as outlined in their person centered plans/ISP and the Cleaning List. Open Door staff will encourage individuals to participate in as many tasks as possible to increase independence in daily living skills.

Staff will assist with ensuring carpets, garages, and porches are cleaned thoroughly, as needed, at least once per year. The individual is responsible for purchasing their own cleaning supplies. Supplies should be stored in a safe area in properly labelled containers.

Staff will follow procedures for all appliances in home. Open Door will reimburse for any incidents resulting from staff negligence with cleaning or appliances if proper incident reporting procedures are followed. 

Cleanliness of locations will be evaluated during random program department audits. Any deficiencies must be addressed within 14 days of audit finding.

Upon individual moving or transferring to new location, Open Door staff must assist to clean the location where they are vacating. This includes arranging removal/transfer of all items and completion of entire cleaning list prior to deadline established. 

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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