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4.02 ICF – Laundry Procedures


To ensure that all individuals and employees are provided with clean and sanitary linens and clothing.


All clothing should be marked with permanent ink on the inside of collars or underneath the clothing so that it is not noticeable.


  • Clean linens should be stored in the linen cabinets in the bedrooms
  • All clothing should be hung on hangers in the individual’s closet or folded neatly in drawers; no clothing should touch the floor
  • Dirty linens and clothing should be stored in the individual’s specific hampers with a lid in their bedroom
  • At no time should dirty linen or clothing be on the floor or on top of shelves, etc.


  • Linens should be washed separately from the individual’s clothing
  • Each individual’s clothing should be separated in batches according to color of clothing item
  • Cleaning rags or mop heads should be washed separately from linens and clothing
  • Loading the machines:
    • Machines should not be overloaded
    • Any stained linens should be presoaked
    • Laundry detergent should be measured for each load


  • Place washed items or clothing in the dryer and add a fabric softener sheet
  • Place dryer on correct setting
  • Upon completion of the dryer cycle, items should be folded and stored immediately
  • No slings should be placed in the dryer, they are to only be hung up to dry

Cleaning Laundry Room and Equipment

  • Laundry room countertop should be cleaned daily with disinfectant
  • Top of the washer and dryer should be wiped daily
  • The lint filter in the dryer should be emptied after each use
  • The Maintenance Department will be responsible for cleaning the area behind the washer and dryer

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 4/29/22

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