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4.01 SCL – Housing Arrangements

The primary concern in monitoring housing arrangements will be the safety of the individual living there and the degree to which it meets the choices and needs of individual. Housing search, leasing, and inspections must all be coordinated through the county board and Open Door Program Coordinator . 

For waiver participants, housing arrangements are made through County Service Support Administrator (SSA) and the County Placement department. Typically, when a housing opportunity becomes available, the County SSA will contact the provider to set up an in-home or virtual visit. Open Door cooperates with the county to ensure that the individual can view the location and choose whether they would like to live there or not. In addition, Open Door assists with visits with potential housemates to ensure a smooth transition to new housing arrangements.

All residential settings are required to pass a fire, water supply, sewage system, heating and cooling, and occupancy inspection and have them approved by DODD or the county board prior to the individual inhabiting the location.

Once housing is chosen by individual, Open Door participates in the application process, communicating with the county and landlord, setting up lease signing, and obtaining utilities (refer to SCL intake process in 4.26).

If individuals are not happy with current housing, Open Door will help them contact County SSA/placement coordinator and assist with any new arrangements for housing opportunities.

Start Up Funds

In Franklin County, individuals are given a start up budget determined by inventory of goods initially submitted by County SSA or Open Door. No start up shopping shall be completed until the finance manager has the contract. Once a start up form is approved and funds are authorized by County Board, Open Door will assist individuals in shopping for items as authorized. Open Door will use company funds to complete the start up shopping as per contract. The completed start up form and all original receipts must be forwarded to the Open Door accounting department within 3 days of purchase so that they may be properly billed to County Board. 

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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