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4.01 ICF – Housing Arrangements

Reference: Medicaid Tags W417-W423. Licensure Standard 5123:2-3.10(F) (2) & (6) (E) Standard 5123:11-2-3. 10 (F); 6 a – d; 7.

Space and Occupancy

The individual bedrooms must conform to the following regulations and specifications:

  • Be at or above street grade level
  • Be outside rooms
  • Be equipped with or located near toilet and bathing facilities
  • Have no more than two individuals to a room unless a variance has been granted
  • If the bedroom is for more than one individual, each individual should have at least 60 square feet, and at least 80 square feet for an individual with a single bedroom
  • A variance for having more than two individuals may be granted by the state survey agency if a QIDP believes that assigning two individuals to a bedroom is in accordance with the program needs of that individual; the variance should not adversely affect the health or safety of the individuals

Furniture and Bedding

Each individual must be provided with:

  • A bed of his/her own that is suitable to his/her size and height
  • A clean, comfortable mattress
  • Bedding appropriate to the weather and climate
  • Appropriate furniture, such as a nightstand, cubby, an individual closet with a clothes rack, and shelves accessible to the individual
  • When new furniture is requested, staff must go to the QIDP first, then the PCP team will determine the type of furniture needed and an assessment referral will be sent to Occupational Therapy (OT); the frequency is during admissions or on an as-needed basis. New seating can only be seating and not bedroom furniture.

Storage Space

There must be adequate storage for each individual for:

  • Clean and dirty linen areas
  • Personal possessions that would be accessible to the individual
  • Equipment for daily out-of-bed activity

Emergency Evacuation Kits

Each individual has an emergency packet that addresses immediate needs kept in their apartment: clothing, special needs products, etc.

Facility Responsibilities

The facility must provide each individual with the following:

  • Adequate toilet and bathing facilities of the proper size, design, and number to meet the needs of the individuals
  • Privacy when using the bath, shower, and toilet unless contradicted by any special needs
  • Bathrooms and bathroom appliances that are accessible to all individuals’ needs
  • The temperature of the hot water at all taps in which the individuals have access to will not exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sufficient supply of soap and basic toiletries such a deodorant, shampoo, and oral hygiene items
  • Individuals can choose to use specialty soaps and toiletries (like Bath and Body Works) at their own expense
  • Some individuals require Selsun Blue or other skin-related products. These are provided by the facility as long as it is for medical reasons such as skin sensitivity and/or allergies.
  • We do provide furniture but sometimes the individuals will want to bring their own. This is acceptable as long as the furniture fits within their assigned area and the team has determined that it meets their medical needs.

Individual Choice and Decorations

  • Individuals are encouraged to decorate their bedrooms with belongings of their choice that reflect their individual interests
  • Individuals choose their décor, curtains, comforter and any other items that they would like for their living area, budget permitting
  • Individuals will also participate in selection of living area décor and furnishings

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 11/3/23

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