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3.19 – Pandemic Child Care Regulations

Open Door Child Care location will comply with the Temporary Pandemic Child Care Center License Regulations listed in attached 5101:2-12-02.1.  The Open Door Child Care location address will be 1050 Goodale Blvd. Columbus Ohio, 43212. 

Per 5101:2-12-01.2, a temporary pandemic child care license is a short-term license to provide child care services to children whose parents are employed providing health, safety, and other essential services as defined by Director of Ohio department of job and family services in consultation with Ohio emergency management agency. 

Open Door will ensure that the following is in place:

  • Current building certificate or occupancy and fire inspection for the space being utilized for child care
  • At least 35 square feet of usable wall-to-wall indoor color space for each the child care center is licensed to service.
  • ALL employees of Open Door Child Care are required to have background checks per the 5101:2-12-09 guidelines of Administrative Code. 
  • At least one child care staff member on-site during all hours of operation who is currently trained in CPR appropriate for all age groups licensed to serve.
  • Staff child ratios and maximum group size limitations are maintained at all times
  • A Child MUST never be unsupervised.
  • Each staff member must only use allowable disciplinary techniques as per rule
  • ALL child care staff are mandated reporters and must report any suspected or known abuse or neglect to public children’s services agency
  • A JFS 01234 CHILD ENROLLMENT AND HEALTH INFORMATION FORM must be completed and kept on file for all children on the first day attending.
  • A JFS 01259 PANDEMIC CHILD CARE ENROLLMENT ADDENDUM must be on file by the child’s first day of attendance
  • A written attendance record with Child’s name and Date of Birth must be maintained for EACH day of service including time in and out.
  • Provide opportunities for both quiet and active play suitable to all developmental levels and abilities of each child in care.
  • Children MUST be protected from any items and conditions that threaten their health and safety or well-being.
  • Follow cleaning and sanitizing chart in Appendix A to 5101:2-12-13.
  • Children must have cot or mat to rest or sleep (may not sleep on floor)
  • All infants shall rest and nap in crib meeting the outlined specifications in rule.
  • Must have written permission and instructions when center shall administer medication.
  • NO transportation or swimming activities are permitted.

Last Revised: 5/20/22

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