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3.11 – Missing Individual Procedure


An incident that is not considered neglect and an individual’s whereabouts, after measures taken, are unknown and is believed to be at or pose imminent risk of harm to self or other.  Incidents when individual’s whereabouts are unknown for longer than the period of time specified in their person-centered plan that does not result in imminent risk or harm to self or others shall be investigated as an unusual incident.


In the event that staff discover that an individual is missing, they must make all attempts to try and locate individual.  In addition, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Contact the Scheduling phone and Incident Hotline immediately for assistance.  If off grounds, also notify in-charge individuals if any ( i.e. store associates, security guards/sheriff, management staff, etc).  At the ICF, the Nursing Department must also be notified.  Identify the following:
    • Individual
    • Apartment
    • Description of the clothing the individual was wearing
    • Approximate time when the individual was last seen
    • Location where the individual was last seen
    • Any other information assisting to help locate individual
  2. Check all areas of the location where individual disappeared from.  (including closets, mechanical room, laundry room and offices) If at ICF, Scheduling will organize an on-grounds search with all available staff that includes the property of the facility and surrounding areas.
  3. After a 20-minute window has exceeded the individual’s alone time, the Incident Hotline must be notified again. 
  4. All staff involved in the search should stay in contact with each other until individual is located.
  5. The Sheriff’s department must be notified by Incident Hotline. The nurse will prepare a summary of medical conditions, medications, vital statistics etc. to facilitate communications with the department.  Missing person report to be filed.
  6. An Incident report needs to be completed by the staff who noticed individual missing.
  7. The Incident Hotline will notify the Open Door Program Director and Executive Director, guardian, MUI Dept and all other appropriate parties. 
  8. Staff will continue to look in community places or known areas where individual may frequently go or use any clues discovered to explore perimeter areas and surrounding businesses. 

Once an individual has been located, staff will immediately notify Incident Hotline of the individual’s whereabouts.  Risk Management will notify all involved in search.

If picked up as MUI, the Risk Management Department will be the liaison and assist with investigation, as directed per the MUI protocol.

Last Revised: 2/23/24

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