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3.03 – Individual or Stakeholder Grievance Procedure


Open Door works towards the advancement, satisfaction, and happiness of all of the individuals we serve and stakeholders.  At Open Door, we believe that all individuals have a voice and encourage input regarding dissatisfaction of services provided.  If an individual or stakeholder have an issue or concern with service delivery or a particular staff member, a grievance form should be completed online through the employee hub or through contacting Social Services department. 


  1. When an issue or concern is voiced, the individual or stakeholder will be encouraged to complete a grievance form online or to call the Social Services department. 
  2. If the individual or stakeholder is unable to complete the form without assistance, staff will assist them to complete the attached grievance form online or to call the Social Services department.
  3. The Incident Hotline On-Call should be called to notify of the grievance. 
  4. If completed online, the completed grievance form will be automatically routed to Director and Social Services Department.  The grievance form will be reviewed by Social Services department to ensure that any potential UI/MUI situations are addressed.  If it is determined that it meets qualification to be UI/MUI, the Risk Management department will contacted and Social Services will forward the form to Risk Management Coordinators to file UI/MUI.
  5. If it is determined to be a grievance only, it will logged into the incident report database and forwarded to the Social Worker or designee assigned to that individual.
  6. The Social Worker or designee will review the grievance form with all parties involved.
  7. The Social Worker or designee will make recommendations based on the individual and stakeholder input in order to resolve the issue.
  8. The recommendations may include a personnel change recommendation resulting in completion of a “do not return” form being completed, retraining or disciplinary measures for staff, mediation of parties involved, new systems being developed, or follow-up meetings with program department or Social Worker. 
  9. The grievance follow-up on grievance form will be completed by the Social Worker or designee. 
  10. The grievance resolution will be entered into the incident report database.  The grievance database will be reviewed by the Director and by teams during Program Meeting monthly for patterns, trends, and additional follow-up needs.

Last Revised: 2/23/24

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