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2.17 – Cellular Phones and Other Devices

Management recognizes that cell phones (and other devices) have become an integral part of everyday life, however, cell phones and other electronic devices may cause significant problems in the Open Door work locations, including:

  • Employee to be distracted from their work resulting in individual’s not receiving supervision, care, and services as outlined in their person-centered plans.  This may pose a severe risk to health and welfare of the individuals served.
  • Safety issues on the job.
  • Security issues from inappropriate use of company-issued equipment or misuse of our company’s internet connection.
  • Vehicular accidents when they illegally use their phones inside company vehicles or near areas where using phones is prohibited.
  • Issues when posting or sending electronic items to social media which breach confidentiality of individuals receiving service
  • Disturbance to colleagues and those served; be mindful of tone, volume, content, and speak in the language that individual we support uses so that they do not feel that you are talking about them
  • Privacy issues.

Employees are not permitted to bring any electronic device into a work location where they are providing direct support to an individual.  Employees should keep personal cell phones in designated locations, such as lockers or employee personal bags.  Employees may use their phones on designated break times or at lunch hour ONLY OUTSIDE of the work site. 

All employee personal cellular devices must be stored in designated locations provided (such as employee lockers, etc.)  Employees may use their phones during scheduled break times (not to exceed 15  minutes or at lunch hour provided that they are NOT using the phone during personal care of any kind, meal preparation or feeding, while walking, and during recreational activities as it limits engagement).  Employees are NOT permitted to use video chatting at any time while working directly with an individual. 

For emergency purposes, employees should provide any contacts with the company number of the designated work site.  The person responsible for answering company phone will contact the employee when a call is received as soon as possible. 

During community outings or integration experiences (outside of the work site), the employee’s personal cell phone or device may only be used for an emergency situation or to document community experience data.  Cellular phones and devices are not to be used while operating any motor vehicle, except for GPS purposes only.  

Disciplinary Consequences

Employees who violate this policy, will receive disciplinary action as per the Open Door Standards of Conduct Policy 2.15.  Additionally, employees may face severe disciplinary action up to and including termination, in cases when they cause a risk to individuals served, pose a safety issue, create a security breach, violate confidentiality policy or cause an accident/traffic violation by recklessly using their phones.

Last Revised: 2/23/24

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