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2.12 – Employee Health, Safety, & Security

Open Door is responsible to take all measures necessary to ensure the health, security, and safety of all individuals that we support and our employees. Additionally, each employee is responsible to respect privacy and ensure confidentiality of information Furthermore, Open Door employees are expected to regard all safety measures and to properly care for Open Door property and equipment.    

Confidential Information and Public Releases

All agency information is considered confidential and is never to be released without proper authorization.  Agency, employee, Individual information must not be discussed with, or disseminated to, unauthorized persons in a public or private location.  Failure to safeguard agency information is a breach of ethics and may result in legal and/or disciplinary action.  To ensure confidentiality, only the Executive Director or the President of the Board of Directors will serve as the agency’s representative to the news media.   Media contact by employees requires prior approval from the Executive Director.  Additionally, only the Executive Director or President of the Board of Directors may authorize the release of information requested by legal summons of subpoena.

General Safety Information

It is the responsibility of every employee and supervisor to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere.  It is the responsibility of each employee to properly use the safety equipment provided by the agency and to report any unsafe working conditions immediately.  Employees must immediately report any unsafe condition to the appropriate supervisor.  Employees who violate safety standards, who cause hazardous or dangerous situations or who fail to report or, where appropriate, remedy such situations, may be subject to disciplinary action.

Employee Monitoring

The agency reserves the right to monitor all employee activity during the employee’s working time.  This monitoring may include, but is not limited to, video surveillance, audio surveillance, monitoring of employee’s e-mail, voicemail, any information stored on agency computers or servers, any information accessed through the use of agency computers or servers, and computer and internet usage generally. 

Employees must also be aware that clients of the agency may have recording mechanisms including, but not limited to, video and audio recording mechanisms.  The agency reserves the right to view recorded material as necessary and use the material in any situation arising out of recorded events.  Accordingly, by working for Open Door, employees consent to such monitoring, and understand that there is no expectation of privacy during working times, either in a facility of the agency or in a facility of one of the agency’s clients. 

The agency reserves the right to utilize investigative techniques such as but not limited to law enforcement procedures, i.e. gathering evidence, documentation, fingerprints, etc.  Only the Executive Director and/or designee are authorized to accept a subpoena or search warrant that involves Open Door business.

Search Policy

The agency reserves the right to search all persons and any articles being carried or transported by persons entering, remaining or leaving agency premises.  Persons reasonably suspected of concealing or possessing stolen property, who refuse to be searched, will be detained until the arrival of a law enforcement officer.  A theft suspect may be subject to immediate arrest.

Company representatives may request an employee to participate in and/or cooperate with an inspection for evidence of a violation of the Company’s Substance Free Workplace Program.  (Refer to 2.07 Substance Free Workplace Policy)

Weapons Prohibited

Open Door prohibits the carrying guns or weapons on company property (including parking lots, company vehicles, Supported Community Living homes, and at an agency function)


Open Door is a smoke-free workplace.  Smoking is prohibited in all Open Door owned/occupied areas.  Employees who wish to smoke may do so only off Open Door grounds.

Park West Court Apartments

Only Individuals may smoke (as determined by their medical condition), in the designated smoking area in their own apartment, on the porches and all other designated smoking areas. In each kitchen of the apartment, there is a fireproof metal ash can where ashes and cigarette butts can be disposed of safely.  It is important that staff assist the Individuals in checking and emptying these cans to ensure that they do not contain anything else but ashes and cigarette butts. 

Supported Community Living

Individuals may smoke at will, unless otherwise stipulated in their ISP or lease agreement.  Staff and authorized visitors are not permitted to smoke in the presence of an Individual, in the Individual’s home or property of the individuals. 

Adult Day Services

ADS Individuals who want to smoke, may do so in their designated smoking area.


Smoking is prohibited in all company owned and leased vehicles and while any individual is receiving transportation service in staff’s personal vehicle.


This policy has been established for the purpose of preventing interference with work and applies to employees doing the solicitation or distribution as well as employees being solicited or receiving distribution. No employee may solicit for any reason during working time. 

Visitors for Employees

Employees may not have visitors on Open Door premises without the permission of the Executive Management.  If approved, all visitors to Open Door buildings must sign in at the front desk.

Eating and Drinking During Transportation

Eating and drinking are prohibited for staff and for individuals served while traveling in Open Door vehicles or staff personal vehicle while transporting and an individual. 

Use of Agency Equipment and Vehicles

When using agency equipment and vehicles, employees are expected to exercise care, report required maintenance, and follow all operating instructions, safety standards and guidelines.  Employees must notify the supervisor if any equipment, tools or vehicles appear to be damaged, defective, or need repair through use of the vehicle repair request on Open Door online employee hub.  The improper, careless, negligent, destructive, or unsafe use or operation of equipment or vehicles may result in disciplinary action.  When staff operate their own personal vehicle to transport Individuals, they are expected to exercise care and follow all standard safe practiced driving regulations.

Last Revised: 2/23/24

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