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2.11 – Threatening or Violent Behavior in the Workplace

Open Door is dedicated to providing safe, dependable working conditions and therefore, has adopted a “zero tolerance” for workplace violence. Therefore, any acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion between any person in association with Open Door will not be tolerated.

Workplace violence includes:

  1. Intimidations such as stalking, actions intended to frighten, coerce, or induce duress
  2. Threat: the expression of intent to cause mental or physical harm to individuals served, employees, guests, including their family, friends, or associates, or property of those listed
  3. Physical Attack: hostile physical contact such as hitting, fighting, pushing, shoving, or throwing objects
  4. Property Damage: The intentional damage to property which includes property owned by Open Door, individuals served, employees, visitors, or vendors  
  5. Unauthorized possession, display or use of a firearm, weapon, or other dangerous device on Open Door property, or property owned or leased by individuals served by Open Door.

When any form of workplace violence as defined above is observed, each employee will immediately inform their immediate supervisor, the Executive Director or designee, and the Human Resources Department

In the event of imminent danger or physical injury, each employee will:

  1. Immediately contact 911 to ask for assistance from police and/or EMS
  2. Request assistance from Crisis Response Team (CRT) through intercom (code blue and location)
  3. CRT will report to designated areas until code blue is discontinued
  4. If necessary, CRT will lock down or evacuate their assigned area according to direction of CRT leader

Unless there is an immediate threat to a person, the CRT will wait until the arrival of law enforcement before initiating any action.  Refer to the Policy 7.16 for definition of appointed team members and their assigned roles.  Safety procedures implemented by the Open Door crisis teams will be approved by the Franklin Township Police Department.

Last Revised: 3/14/22

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