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2.10 – Disability Accommodations

Open Door is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for qualified persons with disabilities.  All employment practices and activities are conducted on a non-discriminatory basis.

Hiring procedures have been reviewed and provide persons with disabilities meaningful employment opportunities.  Upon request, job applications are available in alternative, accessible formats as assistance in completing the application.  Pre-employment inquiries are made only regarding an applicant’s ability to perform the essential functions/duties of the specific position.

Reasonable accommodations are available to all employees with disabilities where their disability affects the performance of essential job functions.  All employment decisions are based on the merits of the situation in accordance with defined employment criteria, without regards to the disability of the individual.  All employees are to contact Director or Associate Director when applying for reasonable accommodations.

Qualified individuals with disabilities are entitled to equal pay and other forms of compensation (or changes in compensation) as well as equal consideration in job assignments, classifications, organizational structures, position descriptions, lines of progression, and seniority lists.  Leaves of all types will be available to all employees on an equal basis per policy.

Open Door is also committed to not discriminating against any qualified employees or applicants because they are related to or associated with a person with a disability.  Open Door will follow any state, federal or local law that provides individuals with disabilities greater protection.

This policy is neither exhaustive nor exclusive.  Open Door is committed to taking all other actions necessary to ensure equal employment opportunity for persons with disabilities in accordance with all applicable federal, provincial, and local laws.

Last Revised: 2/23/24

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