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2.08 – Attendance Policy

Employees at Open Door are expected to be present for work, on time, every day. Regular attendance and punctuality are important to keep the continuity of services with your team and the overall operations of the company running smoothly. Arriving late, leaving early, or being absent from work causes disruptions in services and with your team.  This policy is in effect for all hourly, non-exempt employees at all Open Door work locations.

Mandatory Orientation Period

Due to regulatory requirements, all Open Door employees are required to attend their Corporate Orientation and designated department specific on-the-job training in its entirety.  Should an employee have to miss work during this period, HR will meet with employee to discuss that they may be placed on inactive status until required certification or training is completed.  The employee may be rescheduled for the following/orientation/training date and when completed, will be placed on active status.

Mandatory On-Going Staff Trainings/Required Staff Meetings

Certification and Licensure requirements require mandatory trainings and staff meeting completions for all Open Door employees.  All employees are required to attend their designated department specific mandatory trainings.  If a mandatory training or staff meeting is missed, the employee may be pulled from the schedule until they complete the required training and/or staff meeting mandatory requirement.


All Open Door employees should refer to policy 2.15 Standards of Conduct for corrective actions related to attendance.

Employees are required to report an absence by following their departmental call-off procedures located on Appendix A. All employees must report each day they are absent with at least a three-hour prior notice.

Employees are required to report any tardy as soon as possible.  Employees are required to request to leave early to assigned departmental designee with as much advance notice as possible.  However, due to the nature of our business, which requires direct services and supervision for individuals with DD, there may be times where the employee’s request to leave early may be denied by the departmental representative. 

Failing to provide adequate notice may result in disciplinary action per standards of conduct 2.15.

Excused absences for pre-approved Paid Time Off or Leaves of Absence

Absences because of any pre-approved leave of absence or paid time off per Open Door policies, including: Vacation (2.03.2), Medical (2.04.3), FMLA (2.04.1), bereavement (2.03.1), jury duty (2.04.2), military duty (2.04.4), workers comp (2.04.6), are exempt from disciplinary actions.  (Please refer to the applicable leave of absence policy) In addition, sick time may be pre-approved through leave form with providing at least a one week notice prior to scheduled medical appointment.  (2.03.2)

Failure to clock-In or clock-out at locations with time clocks

When time clock is required for work location, employees must clock-in and clock-out for each shift. If there is any problem recording a clock-in or clock-out, employees must inform scheduling phone and/or designated administrative staff immediately. Employees who consistently fail to clock-in or clock-out may receive disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Other Related Administrative Procedures

The Associate Director and/or Director reserve the right to use its discretion in applying this policy under special or unique circumstances.  Any employee may request a special review of circumstances for any attendance related infraction by email or in writing to Associate Director or Director within seven days of its occurrence.  These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

In some instances, due to the needs of individuals served, shifts may be cancelled with or without notice.  In these instances, staff will be offered an equivalent shift if available.  Staff are required to work the equivalent shift offered or will be subject to the attendance policy.  For prescheduled changes in service delivery (ie: holidays, day service closing, vacations with family) staff will be expected to work an alternative work assignment.  Failure to do so will be subject to attendance policy.

Hourly, non-exempt administrative staff are expected to keep consistent schedule as agreed upon by the employee and their supervisor (this can be flexible based on supervisor approval due to nature of positions).  In order to meet their requirements for their regular position, all hourly non-exempt administrative staff must work their scheduled hours in their regular position in order to pick up extra hours in other locations. 

Any Open Door supervisor has the authority to deny an employee from picking up overtime in other locations, if the employee is not meeting expectations of their regular position.  This must be done in writing and acknowledged by employee.  In addition, failure to meet attendance/performance expectations of administrative positions may result in transfer to another position, demotion, or termination. 

Salaried, exempt Employee Attendance

Salaried employees are expected to keep a consistent schedule that will be agreed upon by the employee and their supervisor.  The salaried employee will provide expected weekly schedule to supervisor and note any deviations.  The employee will submit any scheduling changes for pre-approval to supervisor per departmental guidelines.  Failure to meet attendance/performance requirements of position, may result in transfer to another position, demotion, or termination. The Effective date of this policy is November 15th, 2018 (Revised on August 24th, 2021).  Management reserves the right to amend or discontinue this policy at any time with a written notification to all employees.

Last Revised: 8/24/21

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