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2.06 – Staff Development & Training

Employees of Open Door have a right and responsibility to personal growth and skill development.  All employees are required to participate in initial orientation and continuing training/education programs that enable the employee to perform his or her job duties effectively, efficiently, and competently. 

An employee must complete a request to attend an outside workshop form through Open Door online employee hub when they wish to attend further training.  These requests will be reviewed for approval by the Director.  Approval will also be dependent upon the cost of the workshop, the availability of staff coverage, the availability of agency funds, and the number of workshops previously attended.

Mandatory Training Requirements

Initial Training

Initial orientation training for staff providing direct care services will be completed prior to staff working unsupervised and annually thereafter.  Initial orientation training will include, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • The rights of individuals served
  • History of DD services and overview of the HCBS Waiver Program
  • OSHA, Fire Safety training and emergency evacuation procedures
  • Unusual incident and major unusual incident identification and reporting with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities; health welfare alerts, abuser registry, attestation, etc.
  • A general overview of the nature and needs of the individuals served
  • The agency’s philosophy, organization, programs, service, and goals
  • Behavior modification
  • Other applicable rules, policies, and procedures
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Community integration, self-advocacy, self-determination
  • Person-centered planning


Staff may complete the designated 8-hour Direct Service Provider Training (online) through DODD which covers the above


  • Medication Administration Certifications (Location specific)
  • First Aid and CPR training (every two years)
  • Individual Specific training

Adult Day Services and Vocational Habilitation Services Additional Employee Training

In addition to the training requirements listed above, staff working in ADS or VH services for Open Door must complete additional training.

Within thirty calendar days after hire, all employees in ADS and VH services will receive training on:

  1. Supports that comprise the service (Adult day support, vocational habilitation, employment support, etc.) including the intent of the service
  2. Signs and symptoms of injury and illness and procedures for response
  3. SIte and building specific emergency response plans
  4. Program specific transportation safety

During their first year of employment, ADS or VH staff with less than one year experience, will be provided with: a mentor and 8 hours of training specific to day waiver services.

These trainings will be submitted electronically through training sign in or acknowledgement forms and be tracked by supervisors for each service department to ensure compliance.

Continuing Education

All Open Door are also required to complete continuing education annually.  Continuing education will focus on skills and competencies directed toward developmental, behavioral and health needs of the individuals served.  Continuing education may include, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Respect, dignity, and positive regard for individuals served
  • Use of behavioral principles in training and interactions
  • Use of developmental programming principals and techniques
  • Use of accurate procedures regarding abuse detection and prevention, medications and medical issues pertaining to individual needs, (MUI), and emergencies situations including fire prevention and safety drills
  • Use of adaptive mobility and augmentative communication devices and systems to help individuals achieve independence in self-help skills
  • Use of positive behavior intervention programming
  • Training in programs and techniques necessary to correctly implement the individual plan of each individual for whom they are responsible
  • Training and certifications outlined in Outcome based pilots, grant implementation, or other additional requirements

Open Door also requires staff to attend training specific to their work location and the individuals being served.  These training needs are identified through stakeholder input, patterns/trends analysis, and individual’s person-centered plans.  All staff are required to have at least one hour of additional training on top of mandatory certification training requirements specific to the individual and work location needs per year. A record of training and attendance for each applicable employee will be maintained within his or her personnel file and Advisor software.  All training records will be made available for regulatory inspections or surveys.

Due to Medicaid, Licensure, and the Board of Nursing requirements, employees who do not comply with the required initial, or continuing education, or those who do not maintain required training certifications, may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including employment termination. 

The Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining a list of qualified trainers and their necessary credentials and certifications pertaining to the subject in which the trainer is certified to teach.

Last Revised: 2/23/24

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