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1.06 – Certifications

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/DD)

PWCA and Johnstown Rd. ICFs are licensed by the Ohio Department of DD as a Specialized Intermediate Care Facility for those with Developmental Disabilities.

In order to serve Medicaid clients, there must be a certification inspection at least once a year by the Ohio Department of Health.  The following conditions must be “passed” in order to receive any Medicaid funding:

  • Governing Body and Management
  • Client Protection
  • Facility Staffing
  • Active Treatment
  • Client Behavior and Facility Practices
  • Health Care Services
  • Physical Environment
  • Dietetic Services

Waiver Services

Open Door is certified to provide HCBS services through the Medicaid Waiver program.  Refer to the attached list of services that Open Door is currently certified to provide under the HCBS service categories. Open Door is subject to Waiver Compliance Reviews through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and the issuance of State of Emergency for Ohio by Governor DeWine in March 2020,  Open Door Child Care applied for temporary pandemic child care license to provide care to our employee’s children (who were designated as essential personnel) during the period of pandemic. This license is issued temporarily by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services limited to the pandemic emergency status determined by Governor.

Last Revised: 1/31/22

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