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1.05 – Committees of Open Door

CompositionFunctionFrequency of Meeting
Board of Directors
Chair: President of the Board
Review the general direction and operations of the corporation making recommendations to management. Ensures rights of Individuals and Employees. Oversees legal and financial compliance and reporting (federal, state and local). Review Governance and Leadership Policy and Procedures. Devises Company resolutions and By-laws.Quarterly and as needed
Finance and Governance
1. Chief Executive Director
2. Associate Director
3. Board Finance Representatives
4. Finance Director
Formulates the direction, expansion and policies of the financial planning, decisions, projections; monitors and reviews all financial statements, bank correspondence, and budget.Quarterly and as needed
Corporate Human Resources CommitteeTo discuss human resources related topics such as training, policy and procedures, recruiting and hiring, etc. and provide suggestions and recommendations to the Executive members.Monthly
Executive Committee and Quality Review Committee
Director of Services, Finance, Operational Support, and Chief Executive Director
To review and make policy and procedure recommendations including communications to team, quality and safety review, equipment/supply and staffing needs, strategic and project planning, and event planning. This committee is responsible for communicating back to their team on follow-up from executive decisions.3x a month/ Quality 1x a month
Corporate Technology CommitteeTo review ongoing technology projects, discuss opportunities to improve communication and efficiency through technology. Develop and implement tech plan.Quarterly
Individual Person Centered Plan Committee (ICF)
1. Individual
2. QIDP (Chair)
3. Director (as needed)
4. Dietitian
5. Other Consultants (i.e. PT, OT, Speech, etc. as needed)
6. Pharmacist (as needed)
7. Licensed Nurse
8. DSP Supervisor
9. Family or Guardian
10. Medical Director (as needed)
11. Day Program Representative
12. Resident Funds Bookkeeper (as needed)
To formulate, implement, and review person-centered plans.Initial is 30 days after admission. Comprehensive review annually with 90 day updates.
Admission/Discharge Committee (PWCA)
1. Individual
2. Residential Services Director- Chair
3. Social Services Manager
4. Resident Funds Bookkeeper
6. Dietitian
7. Therapy, as needed (OT, Speech, PT)
8. County case manager, if applicable
9. Representative from Day Service
To formulate, implement, and review individuals’ admissions/discharges.As needed
Program Department Teams/UI review (]CF and Waiver)
***Each division has their own Program meeting and UI review at least monthly. Some teams choose to meet more frequently.
To review incident report occurrences for patterns and trends as well as MUI, UI and Grievances. Provide for a planned, systematic approach to monitor and evaluate preventative actions taken to ensure health and safety and reviewing incidents that adversely affect health and safety. Provide a format for Individuals to provide input regarding their satisfaction of service delivery and supports.

To review systems from the perspective of what is working and to ensure that all systems are in compliance with Medicaid & Licensure components such as but not limited to CARF, Social Security, etc.
Infection Control Committee (ICF)
1. Medical Services Director/DON (Chair)
2. Pharmacist
3. Medical Director
4. Executive Director (as needed)
To establish policies and procedures for investigating,
controlling, and preventing infections in the facility and to monitor staff performance to ensure that policies and procedures are executed. To formulate pharmaceutical policies and to implement such policies including titration of meds, labs needed, side effect reviews, and chart reviews.
Individual and Family Advisory Councils
Chair: Social Services Director
To provide a forum for individuals, families, and
interested stakeholders to give input into overall quality of services and recommendations for improvement.
Accounting Meeting
Chair: Finance Director
Review weekly billing, revenue and expense reports. Ensure all deadlines for financial reportings are completed. Review all recommendations related to accounting policy and procedure. Provide reports for monitoring payroll practices. Review financial statements and loan proposals.Monthly
Retirement Committee
Chair: Fiduciary Contract, TPA
Assigned finance, HR, Directors
Review retirement plan for Open Door; ensure that plan is compliant; reviews quarterly investment progress reports and makes recommendations. Reports to Open Door Board of Directors.Annually (at least)
Human Rights Committee/ Behavior Support Committee (ICF)
***The behavior support committee must be made up of external sources and internal positions for Open Door. A copy of the current Behavior Support Committee/Human Rights Committee members is maintained in the Residential Services Director’s office
Review, monitor and make suggestions to administration about its practices and programs as they relate to psychotropic drug usage, physical restraint, application of painful or noxious stimuli, control of inappropriate behavior, protection of individuals rights and funds and any other areas that the committee believes need to be addressed. Quarterly review of all formal BSP’s with aversive measures. Initial and annual review of all risk plans included in the person-centered plans.
The committee will review and approve all medications used for behavioral support during any medical procedure.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 2/23/2024

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