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1.01 – Governing Body

Park West Court Apartments, (ICF/DD), Supported Community Living, Career and Activity Center, Open Door Art Studio, Open Door Child Care, Johnstown (ICF/DD), and Adult Day Services are owned and operated by Open Door, a private non-profit corporation. The Board of Directors of Open Door; assumes full responsibility for compliance and meets standards of all applicable local, state, federal laws and regulations which govern the operations in the State of Ohio. This information is on file with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The Board of Directors exercise general direction on the affairs of establishes policies concerning operation. The officers appoint the Executive Director.

The Members of the Board of Directors are:

David McCarty, President

Brent Garland, Vice President

Kim Kehl, Treasurer

S. Brewster Randall II

Thomas Caldwell

Nathan Griffin

Mary Schmertz

Apps Akpofure

Conner Brintlinger

Last Revised: 1/31/22

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