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Support The Courtyard at Park West Court Apartments

and The Sensory Park at Open Door Columbus!

Let’s bring
The Courtyard &
The Sensory Park
to life!

The Courtyard
The Sensory Park

Let’s bring
The Courtyard &
The Sensory Park
to life!

We are creating a safe, fully accessible, multi-use space for outdoor recreation, therapy, and community connection at Park West Court Apartments!


The Courtyard will be a community space where individuals with disabilities can experience the benefits of nature, sensory engagement, fitness, and fun! 

So, what’s new? How about…

  • A retractable outdoor projection screen and built-in sound system for movie nights, karaoke, and other special events.
  • An outdoor kitchen and mocktail bar, providing residents and guests with fun, engaging dining experiences that they could not otherwise experience.
  • Accessible activities including giant tic-tac-toe and Connect 4, a concrete ping pong table, cornhole boards, and more.
  • Durable tables and seating that can be used for outdoor dining, recreation, and conversation.
  • A shade structure that will provide enhanced protection from the effects of the sun.
  • A safe, level surface that is fully accessible for all people, including those with limited mobility and wheelchair users.
  • A multi-functional retaining wall with built-in planters, benches with under-seat storage, and lighting that will bring a natural feel to the space.
  • An UPGRADED sensory park!

Check out some of the planned activities in our new sensory park below!

Why this is so important

Over the last two years, Open Door has been working to update and improve our aging infrastructure to better serve the people we support. Current renovations of our intermediate care facility, Park West Court Apartments, have made an enormous impact on the everyday lives of residents. Stakeholder feedback, especially from the members of our Advocacy Group, has expressed the need to extend these improvements to an outdoor space that meets the needs of all individuals with disabilities.

We are embarking on this project because we value:

  1. The opportunity for relationship building.
  2. Social connection between individuals, staff, visiting loved ones, volunteers, and the community.
  3. Supporting both sensory-seeking and sensory defensiveness among our population.
  4. Meeting therapeutic needs through activity and play.

You can help!

We’re so excited to start executing these plans in 2024! Your generous gift will go directly towards building and sustaining The Courtyard and The Sensory Park and making them the inspirational, life-changing spaces we know they can be. In addition, folks who donate at least $250 will receive their name on our Donor Wall!

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