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Columbus, OH

Job Description

At Open Door, we inspire the life journeys of individuals with disabilities and cultivate valued roles for them in their communities. Career, Activity, & Community is an innovative Adult Day Program designed to immerse and engage adults with disabilities in the community. We are looking for a  creative person with a green thumb to join our team as a Community Garden Connector.



  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to participate in and pass the Medication Administration Course.

  • Prior experience with human services, leading change, social impact, and/or volunteering preferred.


General Requirements For All Positions

  • Responsible for daily review, update, and completion of assignments as outlined in work management platforms, and departmental software.
  • Reflects culture, and behavior that exemplifies the organization’s mission, vision, and core values.
  • Personal accountability to self, team, and leadership.
  • Reporting of incidents timely to incident hotline and complete required reports on electronic platforms.
  • Staying abreast of established policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Utilize existing informational systems to obtain information.
  • Follow chain of command and on-call procedures.
  • Commitment to self-development and completion of required on-going training requirements.

    Key Duties


    The following duties are the primary duties associated with this position, however this position does require additional tasks as assigned that are necessary and appropriate to enhance and normalize the lives of individuals:


    • Leads Dirt Devil Gardening Group with activities related to gardening, nature, planting, etc.
    • Planning, preparing, and maintaining the outside/ inside garden areas.
    • Applying, completing, and implementing garden-related grants.
    • Researching and visiting other community gardens/ garden centers for partnerships and collaborations.
    • Working with volunteer coordinator for needs in garden area.
    • Coordinating and managing 2x a year fundraising through plant sales.
    • Maintaining inventory harvested crops and delivering product.
    • Evaluating garden needs yearly.
    • Encouraging participant-direction, choice, and self-advocacy.
    • Assisting with all direct care services to participants including personal care, toileting, meal preparation, feeding, transferring and all aspects of the plan, as assigned.
    • Assisting in the planning, organizing, and implementing CULTIVATE Circles.
    • Implements individual projects and experiences identified as most important to individual; provides support, coordination, and digital project planning
    • Accurately inputting, on Brittco and any other electronic documentation system, services provided to the individuals served at Open Door Columbus.
    • Completing community project planning and developing experiences to be implemented in assigned area.


    -High School diploma or equivalent.

    -Ability to participate in and pass the Medication Administration Course.

    -Prior experience with human services, leading change, social impact, and/or volunteering preferred.

    Pay Range:

    $14.50/hour; additional $0.25/year of experience (Maximum two years)


    Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 3:30pm


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