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CCHS is now Open Door!

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We are so excited to share with you that Columbus Center for Human Services is now Open Door!

Why did we rebrand?

We have always been a progressive organization. In fact, we were founded to provide community-based residential care for individuals transitioning out of institutional settings – a revolutionary idea that did not exist in our area at the time. Over our 38-year history, we have continued to be at the forefront of change, advocating alongside the people we support for their right to full inclusion and equality by offering a wide range of innovative, community-focused programs and services; all designed to inspire their unique life journeys.

But, despite the great work we were doing, we consistently heard from others outside our organization that our name was misleading and did not accurately convey what we do. In addition, our old acronym, CCHS, was often mistaken for other schools and organizations, further adding to the confusion. We could not have agreed more with these sentiments, and in 2019 following the revision of our mission, vision, and core values, we made the decision to pursue rebranding.

Our goals for rebranding were two-fold: create a brand that could unite the diverse ranges of programs and services we offer under one umbrella, and most importantly, ensure that the new brand would be truly reflective of who we are, what we do, and what we believe in.

After in-depth conversations with Brand Effect, the agency we partnered with for this endeavor, our Board of Directors, and many of our stakeholders, we came to realize that we already had a great brand that met both of those goals – Open Door.

By repurposing the Open Door brand, which was more widely recognized by the greater community, we hope to raise awareness and generate additional engagement and support for the other great programs and services we offer.

Meet the NEW Open Door

Our new logo features two intersecting doors – one representing our organization, and the other representing the people we support. This intersection represents the relationship between us, creating a door of opportunity.

To maintain a consistent and unified brand appearance, all our divisions share the same logo with a uniquely colored rectangle for each program area. 

Celebrating Open Door

Each year in September, we gather to celebrate our Direct Support Professionals during National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week! This year’s event honored their incredible work, done in the midst of the pandemic, and was our way of giving back for everything they have given to those we support. It also marked the day when we officially became Open Door!

The Open Door Fun Fest featured free food, fun family-friendly activities, a prize raffle for our DSPs and our guests, and the premiere of our new video “We Open Doors.”

Check out all of the highlights and see great photos from the Open Door Fun Fest on our social media channels (@opendoorcbus)!

Open Door

Open Door is a Columbus-based nonprofit provider for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our mission and vision are to inspire life journeys and cultivate valued roles for all people. What door can we open for you?


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